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The View Today

It’s December.  And it’s time for a new start.  As the earth goes into hibernation I’ll get out of my head.  And let it flow on the pages of the blog.  I’ve wanted to do a daily blog for a long time.  I have been inspired by other bloggers.  Most recently, my dear friend Kimberly Amato finished 30 days of blogging with her blog, Love Light Laughter and Chocolate.  So here I go.  Now to put the Blog Now alert on my iPhone!

I woke up this morning to the surprise of snow.  I hadn’t paid attention to the forecast so it was a surprise.  Teddy in SnowI looked outside and saw this little teddy bear, a lawn ornament that used to grace my great aunt and uncle’s lawn, covered with today’s snow.  He looks like he has a hat and blanket on.  Speaking of Aunt Sue and Uncle George, I grew up spending a several Christmases with my great aunt and uncle.  She did up her house to the max.  There were even sparkly snowflakes and pretend snow on the ceiling of her dining room.

Now I’m a mother and thinking about what we do on holidays.  It’s very different than how I grew up, partially because I married a Jew and so Christmas isn’t part of our annual tradition and partially because I’m lazy when it comes to traditions.  There, I said it.  But now my kids are older and I’m wondering what traditions we should make so when they are blogging about the holidays in 20 years they’ll have something to say.

Wait, let me give myself some credit–we’re creating our own traditions–even on this December Saturday.  Snow, check. Fire in the fireplace, check.  Slept late, check.  Made yummy breakfast for kids, check.  Cuddled with kids while watching a holiday movie, check.  Good enough traditions for me.  Not all families are as fortunate on this Saturday, so I appreciate it that much more.

What do YOU do as a family holiday tradition?


2 comments on “The View Today

  1. Louanne
    December 1, 2012

    The first snow every year we would put on the Sesame St Christmas album (yep vinyl) and dance areound the house singing Let it snow at the top of our lungs. Even when they were teenagers…My daughter now 26 just downloaded it and messaged me today..

  2. Kitt Crescendo
    December 2, 2012

    You know, I live in Florida…no snow. The only time I miss that is Christmas morning. Love the family time you’re creating from your snow day.

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